I LOVE the structure of the Warren Hardy Program and how it is designed for adults learning Spanish. I have been traveling throughout México for the last few years and I can now navigate through real world scenarios in Spanish.

Todd N., Digital Nomad

Patience is a virtue and Julissa has it!  We are taking private lessons with Julissa, and after being out of the classroom/homework scene for decades, it was not easy to get back with the hang of being a student.  Julissa is immensely patient, always positive, and totally energetic.  She listens to us and adapts for our learning styles and speed of comprehension.  It is about us and our learning! We have a long way to go, but with Julissa’s help, we will continue to make progress which, as full-time Meridians from the US, is very important to us.  We love telling people on the street, “Vivo aqui.”  That usually gets a smile and thumbs up from the proud natives of this awesome city.
Wes & Lola Prince

Learning a new language is hard yet it can be fun depending on the approach. I have tried a number of different approaches: group classes, fill in the blank books, lessons by CD, apps and many others, but with Julissa I have finally hit on the perfect combination. Exercises that give you confidence right away and enough drills and review to make sure things stick.

I can’t believe how much I have learned in just a few lessons. Oh and did I mention, I am having fun!
Nancy R.

I have been working with Julissa for three months in the Warren Hardy Spanish program. When I arrived in Merida, I didn’t speak any Spanish. My friends and I are amazed at the progress I have made! Julissa is very well prepared and she has tailored the curriculum to my immediate needs while keeping me on track in the program. She is always willing to answer off-topic questions to further my understanding of Spanish. Doy a Julissa una buena recomendacion!
Robin B, arquitecta

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