Private lessons

 Classroom or  Zoom – 100% Online 

Number of hours per level: 24 hours.

Frequency:    Two times a week minimum / Four times a week maximum

Length of each class: One hour and thirty minutes

Price:  $7,700  pesos / $402 usd,     If you and a friend want to take private lessons, I can give you a special price.

Materials: You will need the Warren Hardy workbook, flashcards, and game cards which you can purchase online from or directly from me.  

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What’sApp me at  +52 (999) 186 9506.


There are four levels of instruction. At each level there is a grammar/foundation course and at the same level, there is a skill develop or conversation course.

Level 1: Power Verbs
Level 1 is the grounding course. It teaches you to function in Spanish. Besides teaching social protocol, you learn to combine the 100 most common verbs with the six power verbs: need, want, can, going to, have to, and like.

This empowers you to make hundreds of sentences so you can get the things you need or want when you want them.

Learn social protocol, numbers, time and days of the week.

Level 2: Preterite & Object Pronouns
Level 2 takes you to the high functional level so you can obtain information about past events. It teaches word order, the use of the Direct and Indirect Object pronouns, and the Preterite past tense.

Level 3: The Seven Indicative Tenses
Level 3 takes you into the conversational level so you can begin to express your personality and thought patterns in Spanish. After this course you will know seven tenses..

Here are the tenses taught in the I form:

I speak – Present, I spoke – Preterit, I used to speak – Imperfect, I will speak – Future, I would speak – Conditional, I am speaking – Present Progressive, I have spoken – Present Perfect.

There are integration exercises using all the tenses so you learn to go from one tense to another without confusion.

Level 4: Present & Past Subjunctive
Level 4 develops you to the high conversational level so you can use all the Spanish tenses. It teaches the Present and Past Subjunctive, reflexive verbs, and then integrates the nine Spanish verb tenses.

Once this course is completed you will know all nine verb tenses and the basics of Spanish grammar. You will be equipped to develop speaking and understanding skills l through practice with native Spanish speakers.

You will be able to easily succeed in any total immersion program or develop skills by practicing Spanish in any native speaking environment. All students should take this course before entering any total immersion study program.

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